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Vehicle Crash Barrier

The Ground Retractable Automobile Barrier (GRAB-300) system is the world’s first energy absobing,M50 certified, non-hydraulic net vehicle barrier with lengths up to 62′ feet (18 meters) wide.
Due to the GRAB-300’s flexible design it dominates the security barrier industry. Unlike rigid wedge barriers, the GRAB-300 is a reduced risk solution thst helps ensure the protection of both the facility and the vehicle occupants.
The GRAB-300 was awarded the 2009 GSN Homeland Security Award for “Best Crash Barries”.

GRAB - 300 (ASTM M50  15,000lbs @ 50mph)

Vehicle Crash Barrier - GRAB 300

The Ground Retractable Automobile Barrier (GRAB-400) system is an ASTM M40 rated, non-hydraulic net active vehicle barrier lengths up to 60′ feet (17 meters) wide.

it provides a cost-effective solution to final denial barries such as hydraulic plate wedge, electric finger wedge, and retractable bollard barriers.

GRAB - 400 (ASTM M40  15,000lbs @ 40mph)

Vehicle Crash Barrier - GRAB 400

The SW1900 wedges provides ASTM M50 P1 rated protection suitable for a wide variety of facilities such as embassies, military installations , corporate headquarters, data centers, and federal Government agencies. Innovative noise dampening technology has been incorporated into the barrier design, making the SW1900 well-suited for installations located near businesses or other properties that are sensitive to noise levels

SW1900 WEDGES (ASTM M50  15,000lbs @ 50mph, P1)

Vehicle Crash Barrier - SW1900 WEDGES

Crash Rated, Decorative, and reovable Bollards are available in a variety of configurations to suit client needs. We providesupport along the entire planning cycle for those clients considering bollards for pedestrian, traffic, and access control. Bollards are a great solution for controlling traffic flow and vehicular access, or simply enhancing perimeter security.


Vehicle Crash Barrier - BOLLARD SOLUTIONS

The Xtreme Mobile Barrier (XMB) is the most flexible, easy to use traffic barricade on the market. The proprietary XMB system can be configured as a completely portable barricade that can be installed and developed in less than 5 minutes. It can be used as a permenent barricade at installations that require more than a simple drop arm


Vehicle Crash Barrier - XTREME MOBILE BARRIER (XMB)

The Expenditionary Mobile Barrier (EMB) is a proprietary mobile net barrier that provides security at any location. The innovative arresting technology reduces the likelihood of occupant injury while safely bringing the vehicle to a stop. Able to be assembled in less than five minutes, the EMB can be deployed in less than two seconds and can be quickly reset. ASTM PU60 and FHWA TL3 certified



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