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APM Car Park Controller

C2 Control Terminal

Technical Parameters

Power Supply


Housing Size

1255H x300Wx160D mm

Housing Material

Stainless Steel, Tampered glass

Colour available

Yellow / Red

RF Card Read / Write Time


RF Card Read / Write Distance


Mode of Communication

Base CAN bus, SD Memory Card

Communication Distance

1200m (CAN bus)

Record Storage


Card Capacity

10,000 pcs

Data Transmission Speed

4800bps / 100M

Working Temperature

Minors 30⁰C to 65⁰C

Working Environments

Indoor, outdoor

Relative Humidity

≤95% coagulation free

APM Car Park Controller - optional items

APM Blueetooth card for car parking

Bluetooth Card

TRF-800 Bluetooth Long Range Reader

TRF-800 Bluetooth
Long-Range Reader

TRF-800 Bluetooth Long Range Reader


- Operating modes: optical excitation positioning, CDMA   communications.
- Read direction can be adjusted in six direction: up & down, left &   right, depression angle & elevation angle.
- Anti-collision multi-card deal.
- Wiegand 26 and RS485 output.

Technical Parameters

Power Supply




Infrared Frequency



1 ~ 20 meters (Max. Distance)

Reader Response Time

0.1 seconds

Reader Speed

0.5 seconds

Reader Time Interval

0.5 ~ 0.8 seconds

Operating Temperature

-30⁰C ~ +70⁰C

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